Digiorno – Crispy Pan Pepperoni

2018-04-11 23.35.41.jpg

Love it! Easily the best Digiorno I’ve ever had and I think my first frozen pan pizza. The crust was crispy as advertised plus light and airy on the inside. The pepperoni seemed extra flavorful. Perhaps the light crust helped accentuate them. I’ll see if I can find more frozen pan pizzas to compare. I might have found a new favorite pizza style!

Rating: 9.5/10

Purchased at HEB for $5.86. 26 oz, $0.23/oz.


Monteli – Organic Roasted Vegetable

2018-04-25 00.55.16.jpg

I used to think meatless pizzas couldn’t be good. This was great. Loved the cheese and veggies. Monteli has quickly become a favorite brand.

Rating: 9/10

Purchased at HEB for $5.98. 14.46 oz, $0.41/oz.

Red Baron – Brick Oven Pepperoni Pizza

2018-03-20 21.00.11.jpg

Eating this was almost like paying a 4-star chef (I’d say 5-star but come on now, this is frozen pizza we’re talking about) to take a piece of comfort food and dress it up to be just a little bit better. I used to eat Red Baron exclusively growing up (hence “comfort food”) and got sick of it. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.

The brick oven baked crust had a thin, crispy, airy texture that allowed the topping flavors to shine. I now realize I prefer thin crusts over the slighlty thicker crusts I ate as a kid, so crust depth likely played a role in how much more I enjoyed this than previous Red Baron purchases.

Rating: 8.5/10

Purchased at HEB for $3.48. 17.89 oz, $0.19/oz.

Urban Pie – Pesto Fresh Mozzarella Pizza

2018-03-06 20.25.05.jpg

We came this close to having a new favorite frozen pizza of all-time. That honor still goes to American Flatbread’s Ionian Awakening, but this is an easy second place. The crust was nice and crispy, he mozzarella slices were some of the thickest I’ve had on a pizza, and the pesto was plentiful. I did feel the slightest bit sick afterwards from the grease, but that subsided quickly. All three Urban Pie pizzas I’ve tried have been top-notch. I plan on seeking out their other offerings soon.

Score: 9.9/10

Honors: Best Multi-Topping, 2nd Place (Tied)

Purchased at HEB for $6.98. 16.9 oz, $0.41/oz.

Dr Oetker Virtuoso – Classic Crust Margherita

2018-01-16 13.09.47.jpg

This was surprisingly disappointing, but only because Dr. Oetker always delivers on my high expectations placed upon them. The light and airy feeling referenced in my prior post is back, but it didn’t mesh as well with the margherita taste as their usual thin, crispy crust. Not a bad pizza by any means, but one I’ll avoid in the future.

Purchased at HEB for $4.98. 15.34 oz, $0.32/oz.

Dr Oetker Virtuoso – Classic Crust Pepperoni

2018-01-01 14.05.54.jpg

This might be one of my favorite pepperoni pizzas. It feels very light and airy* in your mouth and of course tastes good. This was also my first non-thin crust Dr. Oetker pizza. I guess they’re trying new things along with rebranding their pizza from Ristorante to Virtuoso. Given how much I love their thin crust pizzas, I’m excited to see even more variety in their line-up.

*I didn’t realize until after typing up this review that this pizza is described as “light” and “airy” right on the box.  Either they nailed that description, or it was subconsciously planted in my brain before I took my first bite.

Purchased at HEB for $4.98. 15.2 oz, $0.33/oz.

Dr Oetker – Funghi

Note – this is an old review I never posted.  The Ristorante line has been renamed “Virtuoso” and features a primarily black box.

2016-05-26 20.33.43.jpg

As usual, Dr. Oetker delivers with another good pizza. This is actually my least favorite pizza of their’s, but that’s more a testament to how amazing the rest of their lineup is. I think it is also a symptom of my indifference towards mushrooms on pizza. I don’t hate them, but I also don’t think they add much. This is the best mushroom pizza I’ve ever had though so it most definitely passes with high marks.

Purchased at HEB for $3.98. 12.9 oz, $0.31/oz.