Full of Life Flatbread – Cheese & Fresh Herb Pizza

First posted…today!  My first straight-to-MannVsPizza post!

2016-01-13 22.24.13.jpgAnother good find, this one from Target!  Similar to the American Flatbread brand both in taste and quality.  Also similar in price, but more on that later.  I love the cheese!  Tasty, gooey, thick.  I don’t know if it’s the herbs baked into it or the cheese itself (probably both), but the flavor is so deliciously strong it is basically a piece of melted cheese on a carb-based delivery device.

The price – unfortunately – is a problem.  I paid $6.99 for a 7.6 oz pie.  That’s $.92/oz.  That’s the highest price/oz I’ve seen.  It’s closest competitor is American Flatbread, which rings in around $.64-$.70/oz depending on the toppings.  $.92/oz is also nearly 3x than $.32/oz; the average per ounce cost of all pizzas I’ve sampled so far.

I prefer the taste of American Flatbread’s 17% larger but 14% cheaper offerings, so Full of Life loses the “Best Frozen Flatbread” war for now.  However, it still tastes great and I plan on trying the other flavors so see if maybe there’s one that completely wows me.  Give it a shot if you don’t mind the price tag!

Purchased at Target for $6.99.  7.6 oz, $.92/oz.  9 out of 10!


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