American Flatbread – Ionian Awakening

2015-08-01 American FLatbread Ionian Awakening

I tried this on 8/1/2015 and was amazed.  The original review read “Best frozen pizza I’ve ever had.  Also the most expensive.  Reminds me of Grimaldi’s.”  It was the best frozen pizza I’d ever had at the time and remains so to this day about 5 months and 38 days later although a few others have come close.  It is unfortunately expensive ($5.98, 9.3oz, $.64/oz), but still worth it.  I believe the “ion” in “Ionian Awakening” refers to the categorization of salt as an ionic compound due to how salty the pizza is.

Purchased at HEB for $5.98.  9.3oz, $.64/oz.  10 out of 10!


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