Sasquatch Pizza Co. – Triple Pepperoni

2016-01-24 18.37.38.jpg

Great taste.  Great value.  Plentiful pepperonis.  Perfect for parties.

I baked this to eat with friends while we watched the WWE Royal Rumble.  Weighing in at 3lbs, the Sasquatch Triple Pepperoni (love that name) was large enough to satisfy 3 guys and a girl vs the usual 2-3 pizzas we demolish with ease.  I was initially afraid it would be a one-trick pony in that there would be nothing of substance to back up the “it’s big!” gimmick, but I’m happy to say it was a huge hit due to the taste.  I’m sure the copious amounts of pepperonis didn’t hurt either.  So tasty.  Such pepperoni.  Much gooey.  Sasquatch.

The thickness was a nice contrast to the mostly thin stuff I’ve eaten recently and the thin Hill Country Fare pizzas we usually eat at gatherings.  This is a new staple product for me that I will attempt to always have on hand in the freezer (alongside the extra Hill Country Fare pie or two) for impromptu visits.

On one final note, I have now figured out that roughly 14oz of pizza per guy for the first 3 hours we plan to hang out plus another 8oz per guy for the next 2-3 hours is about the perfect amount of pizza to buy.

Purchased at Walmart for $9.99.  48oz, $.21/oz.  8 out of 10.


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