Tonight’s HEB Haul

2016-02-06 21.57.54.jpg

I’m pretty happy with tonight’s HEB pizza haul.

  • The two Hill Country Fare ones at the top are what I always keep on hand for when friends are over.
  • Based on the huge variety of pizzas I’ve reviewed so far (32 brands, 52 varieties), American Flatbread makes the absolute best frozen pizzas out there.  The only problem is the price.  At $5.98 a pizza and about 9oz each, their pizzas cost about $.66/oz.  This is more than double the average price of $.32/oz I’ve paid across all frozen pizzas I’ve sampled.  Luckily for me there was a buy one get one free deal going on that got me a little overly excited for a guy shopping in the frozen pizza aisle at HEB.  I’ve tried both varieties sampled but slightly burned the “Tomato Sauce and & Three Cheese” one, so I haven’t reviewed it yet.  Reviewing an improperly cooked pizza just ain’t right ya know.  What kind of person do you think I am?
  • Dr. Oetker is another favorite.  Almost as good as American Flatbread but far cheaper (about $.32/oz; average price).  I tried both varieties pictured before I started recording my thoughts, so I have no official review written yet.
  • The Tandoor Chef naan pizza is something completely new to me.  Never tried it.  Never even heard of naan pizza before I saw this one at HEB.
  • Home Run Inn is – as my faithful readers know – a huge favorite of mine.  I haven’t tried either of the varieties pictured and am pretty excited to do so.

Some friends are coming over to watch the Superbowl tomorrow.  We’ll probably focus more on wings, fries and etceteraous (according to Google no one has posted this word before) snacks, but I’ll bake one of these upon guest request.

Happy baking everyone!


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