Home Run Inn – Meat Lover’s Pizza

2016-03-17 13.40.34.jpg

I like this pizza.  This should be no surprise as I have loved everything from Home Run Inn so far, and this is basically the pepperoni pizza plus sausage and bacon.  What’s interesting is I usually don’t like sausage or bacon on my pizza, but it actually enhanced this one in my opinion.  I theorize the strong cheese flavor or Home Run Inn pies helped dilute the flavor of the bacon and sausage.  Those two meaty toppings usually dominate the taste of a pizza too much for my liking, but the balance was perfect here.

I’m sad now because I cannot find any more of their varieties in stores besides the ones I’ve already tried (pepperoni, margherita, cheese and meat lovers).  I’ll see what I can do to acquire some more.

Purchased at HEB for $6.98.  32oz, $.22/oz.  Solid deal.  More than the average price per ounce ($.18) for pizzas I’ve tried, but the quality and taste more than make up for this premium.


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