Daiya – Mushroom & Roasted Garlic

2016-04-18 15.44.48.jpg

Big surprise.  Miscellaneous ingredient-free food items (gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, etc) are usually pale immitations of the real (or maybe “standard” is the right word) thing.  This pizza holds up just fine.  Not as good as the best non-gluten-free (double-negative, I know) pizzas out there, but as good as you’d expect if you randomly grabbed a pizza off the shelf without checking the brand.

The issue is the price.  I paid $9.38 for a 17oz pie.  That’s $.55/oz, or 66.7% more expensive than the average frozen pizza.  Although not the most expensive brand I’ve tried, the other brands at or above this price range are significantly tastier.

I don’t fault Daiya.  I’ve noticed that gluten-free pizzas are expensive and imagine it has something to do with the ingredients and/or process of making such pizzas being more expensive.  However, the higher than average price tag combined with not higher than average taste means I cannot recommend this to anyone lacking a gluten-allergy.

Purchased at HEB for $9.38.  17oz, $.55/oz.


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