Kirkland Signature – Pepperoni


Another good plain ‘ol pepperoni pizza.  There’s nothing particularly special about the taste of this Costco pizza; it’s just good.  The only thing unique about it is it is the only 4-pack pizza I’ve ever purchased.

What’s surprising is it’s just a sliver more expensive than my beloved Hill Country Fare pizza ($.16/oz for Kirkland’s, $.15/oz for Hill Country Fare), but it’s also just a little bit better.  I’ll have to alternate between the two whenever I’m in the mood for a cheap pizza and see if the novelty of this Kirkland’s pizza wears off.  Although I currently think this tastes better, I’ve been eating the Hill Country Fare stuff for about 13 years and might be merely leaning towards what’s new.

Purchased at Costco for $12.49.  76.2oz, $.16/oz.


2 thoughts on “Kirkland Signature – Pepperoni

  1. Honestly, I”m shocked that you can taste anything at all. To me the Kirkland thin crust pepperoni pizza is the equivalent of a wet saltine. As far as national branded frozen pizza goes I have had them all. And this may well be the worst,


    1. What’s your favorite national brand and private label?
      Interesting that you had such a different experience with this pizza. I wonder if the private label nature is the culprit. Perhaps the Kirkland pizza sold at my Costco comes from a different supplier than yours. I wonder if Costco only has one supplier vs many, if they’ve had the same supplier(s) for years, etc. Maybe I’m just easily impressed.


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