Austin’s Pizza – Pepperoni

2016-05-12 19.54.54

Quick note – I think the pizza looks a little uncooked and unappetizing in this picture.  It didn’t look that way in person.  The picture just came out bad.  Anyway, onto your regularly scheduled frozen pizza review.

Big surprise!  I love this pizza.  This is one of several new pizzas I noticed at HEB recently.  A few of them are from Austin, Tx.  This one reminded me of Red Baron, but just a little better.  It’s hard to put my finger on the difference, but the word “fresh” comes to mind.  Frozen is the opposite of fresh, but it had a more fresh taste to it.

There’s just one problem; the price!  It’s $8.99!  For an 18.30 oz pizza!  That’s $.49/oz!  The most comparable Red Baron pizza is the Thin & Crispy Crust Pepperoni pizza which comes in at $3.48 for a 15.77 oz pie ($.22/oz).  Although better, Austin’s Pizza is more than twice the price for less food.  I’ll probably pick this one up again someday, but for $8.99 I’d rather California Pizza Kitchen’s Signature Pepperoni pie ($5.86, 13.60 oz, $.43/oz, one of the best frozen pizzas of any kind out there) and have a little bit left over for a cheap Hill Country Fair pizza ($2.48, 20.85 oz, $.12/oz, one of the best cheap pizzas and a staple of my get-togethers).

Purchased at HEB for $8.99.  18.30 oz, $.49/oz.


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