Home Run Inn – Margherita Sausage

2015-11-29 22.07.14.jpg

Note – I ate this pizza and typed the review all the way back on 11/29/2015.  This was a few weeks after I moved into my house, hence the part about having never baked pizza in a gas oven.  I actually have something like 30-40 more reviews I’ve written but haven’t posted yet:)

This one had me intrigued. I don’t like sausage on pizzas and can be indifferent towards the margherita style, but Home Run Inn makes one of the best pepperoni pizzas out there. Imagine my surprise to find out I like this slightly more than their regular pepperoni pizza. Lots of flavor mixed in with the usual extra cheesy Home Run Inn taste. It might just be that this was my first time baking a pizza in a gas oven, so I’ll have to reevaluate my opinion of their regular pepperoni variety. Poor me, an excuse to eat more pizza.

Purchased at HEB for $5.98.  32oz, $.19/oz.


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