Gino’s East – Sausage & Uncured Pepperoni

2016-09-04 22.00.21.jpgI last tried a Gino’s East frozen pizza a little over a year ago. I wasn’t impressed. I also wondered if “deep dish pizzas are more difficult to perfect when cooked frozen due to their thickness.”

Turns out the second chance was a great idea as I thoroughly enjoyed this. Maybe the swap from an old electric oven to a new gas one did the trick. Maybe I didn’t cook it long enough last time. Maybe the Meaty Legend was a bit too much, and the switch to Sausage and Pepperoni better suited me. Whatever the case, I enjoyed this pizza far more the second time around.

The swap from thin to thick was a nice change of pace. Over the course of my samplings, I’ve gravitated strongly towards thin pizzas. I tend to like the way a smaller crust enhances the presence of toppings. This deep dish pizza had a thicker crust that made its presence known in every bite, but the large amounts of sauce and gooey cheese were the star here and are what I’m craving as I type this a day later. I barely noticed the sausage and pepperoni

Next up, I’ll try a deep dish Uno pizza and then probably another Gino’s East pie. There’s also a brick and mortar Gino’s nearby I need to sample sometime. Cannot wait.

Purchased at HEB for $5.98.  32oz, $.19/oz.


3 thoughts on “Gino’s East – Sausage & Uncured Pepperoni

    1. Love Red Baron! That’s all I ate growing up! In fact, I think that’s a huge part of what led to the creation of this blog. I realized there were so many pizzas out there I never tried outside the realm of Baron. In all this commotion, I forgot to actually review the brand. I’ll pick up another Red Baron soon so I can type up my full thoughts immediately after finishing it. Thanks for the reminder:)

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