Central Market HEB – Artichoke & Peppers

2016-10-05 21.58.37.jpg

I think this is the first time the Central Market line has disappointed me. While not a bad pizza, it doesn’t come close to measuring up to the rest of this line’s offerings. The artichoke doomed this one for me.  One of the best and most unique pizzas I ever had was Artichoke Basille’s Artichoke Pie, but it didn’t work for me on this Central Market variant. Didn’t hate it, but I strongly preferred the bites devoid of artichoke. This is unfortunate because artichoke was by far the most prominent flavor due to how thick and plentiful the pieces were. I could barely taste the cheese. I tend to prefer pizzas where I taste more cheese, hence my previous review receiving high marks.

I wouldn’t turn this down if it were offered to me, but I will not purchase again.

Purchased at HEB for $4.98.  14.1oz, $.35/oz.

P.S. – The Pizza Dog makes a cameo at the bottom of the pic.  He was searching for pizza scraps.


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