Month: November 2016

PSA: Dr. Oetker “Ristorante” now called “Virtuoso”

This isn’t a review but rather a heads up that my much loved Dr. Oetker “Ristorante” line now goes by the name “Virtuoso.”  Same pizza, different name and box art.  This “Pizza Mozzarella” variety I reviewed in March is the same as this “Mozzarella & Pesto” variety pictured below.

2016-11-13 11.55.53.jpg

I find the new box art more eye-catching, so I approve.

Also, notice that not only the brand name changed but also the name of this specific variety (variety? topping? not sure what to call it).  I thought that was interesting.  “Mozzarella & Pesto” is more descriptive, so once again I approve.