Month: December 2016

Vito & Nicks II – Sausage & Mushroom


The “cracker-thin” claim on the box is no lie. This pizza was basically a giant cracker will loads of cheese, mushrooms and sausage heaped on top. It reminded me of grabbing a cracker from a holiday cracker tray, loading it up with various meats and cheese and heating it up for good measure. It was also well-seasoned with a very pepper-like taste.

I hesitantly enjoyed my first few bites (it was good, but something was off) but felt sick after three slices. Pizza Girl did too. We agreed that the cheese was a bit greasy and may have been the cause of both our mildly nauseous feeling and the taste being a little off. Despite my love for pizza, my diet is not heavily greasy and sometimes I cannot handle much of it.

One might be surprised to hear that I do recommend giving it a try if you’re curious. I get the feeling Vito and Nick’s is something many pizza connoisseurs would enjoy. It just didn’t work for me (maybe I’m sick from all the junk food I ate last night) and I don’t plan on purchasing this again.

Purchased at HEB for $9.99. 30.09 oz, $.33/oz.


Great Value Pizzadilla – Mexican Style

2016-12-17 13.07.31.jpg

Out of left field comes Walmart with a home run! I loved this! It’s a pizza! It’s a quesadilla! It’s a…PIZZADILLA! Obviously it’s supposed to be a pizza made like a quesadilla (plus extra Mexican flair due to this being the “Mexican Style” variant), but I’d say this is maybe 90% quesadilla, 10% pizza. That’s not a bad thing at all. Bottom line is I loved it as did a guest I have spending the weekend at my place.

What’s unique is this pizza has TWO crusts.  It’s a quesadilla; what did I expect?. It’s funny because at first, I thought this was one of those two-for-one deals where you open the box and BAM, two pizzas! Nope, that’s just part of the design. Thank goodness I realized this before I finished trying to rip the two crusts apart.

I’m buying this again. PERFECT for parties!

As an aside, you may have noticed the overwhelming majority of my reviewed purchases have come from HEB. I generally buy perishables from HEB and non-perishables from Amazon. On those rare occasions that I step into a Walmart, I always swing by the pizza aisle to see what unique goods they stock that cannot be found at HEB. So glad I found this gem.

Purchased at Walmart for $6.98. 32.9 oz, $.21/oz.

Here for your reading pleasure is the very first Mann vs Pizza guest review from Ruben, my house guest this past weekend!

When it comes to oven pizza, normally, I stick to one particular brand and am not that adventurous.  However, after trying Great Value’s Pizzadilla Mexican Style, I realized that I definitely need to get out more when it comes to the realm of oven-style pizza!

I can throw down and hold my own with any pizza just like the next person, but I found myself pleasantly full and satisfied after only two slices from this pizza.  If the name has you hesitant to purchase it, DO IT!  I promise you won’t regret it!

-Ruben C.

Dr Oetker – Pizza Pollo

First posted on Facebook on 12/3/2015.  Please note that Dr. Oetker changed the name of its Ristorante brand to Virtuoso.


My first time trying frozen pizza with chicken on it.  I was skeptical, but it turned out great.  The chicken was tender and flavorful.

Purchased at HEB for $3.98.  12.50 oz, $.32/oz.

Austin’s Pizza – Brazos

2016-11-29 13.05.50.jpg

I was about to type a review saying I love this pizza and it reminds me of a higher-quality Red Baron. Turns out I already reviewed the pepperoni Austin’s Pizza back in May and said the same thing. I forgot all about that. Nice to see that my initial opinion still holds true.

The difference between the pepperoni pizza and this Brazos pizza is – of course – the toppings. In addition to pepperoni, the Brazos also contains green peppers, onions, canadian ham, feta and jalapenos. I like it. They blend well, and the jalapenos add just the right level of spice to kick my enjoyment up another notch.

I also have the same thoughts on the price; it’s a bit overpriced at $8.99 or $.40/oz. The Brazos is cheaper per ounce than the pepperoni only variety due to the additional toppings. I have a hard time recommending it over my highly regarded California Pizza Kitchen which is not only cheaper but just a little bit tastier. However, I’ll probably still buy the occasional Austin’s Pizza in the future.

Purchased at HEB for $8.99.  22.30 oz, $.40/oz.