Austin’s Pizza – Brazos

2016-11-29 13.05.50.jpg

I was about to type a review saying I love this pizza and it reminds me of a higher-quality Red Baron. Turns out I already reviewed the pepperoni Austin’s Pizza back in May and said the same thing. I forgot all about that. Nice to see that my initial opinion still holds true.

The difference between the pepperoni pizza and this Brazos pizza is – of course – the toppings. In addition to pepperoni, the Brazos also contains green peppers, onions, canadian ham, feta and jalapenos. I like it. They blend well, and the jalapenos add just the right level of spice to kick my enjoyment up another notch.

I also have the same thoughts on the price; it’s a bit overpriced at $8.99 or $.40/oz. The Brazos is cheaper per ounce than the pepperoni only variety due to the additional toppings. I have a hard time recommending it over my highly regarded California Pizza Kitchen which is not only cheaper but just a little bit tastier. However, I’ll probably still buy the occasional Austin’s Pizza in the future.

Purchased at HEB for $8.99.  22.30 oz, $.40/oz.


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