Great Value Pizzadilla – Mexican Style

2016-12-17 13.07.31.jpg

Out of left field comes Walmart with a home run! I loved this! It’s a pizza! It’s a quesadilla! It’s a…PIZZADILLA! Obviously it’s supposed to be a pizza made like a quesadilla (plus extra Mexican flair due to this being the “Mexican Style” variant), but I’d say this is maybe 90% quesadilla, 10% pizza. That’s not a bad thing at all. Bottom line is I loved it as did a guest I have spending the weekend at my place.

What’s unique is this pizza has TWO crusts.  It’s a quesadilla; what did I expect?. It’s funny because at first, I thought this was one of those two-for-one deals where you open the box and BAM, two pizzas! Nope, that’s just part of the design. Thank goodness I realized this before I finished trying to rip the two crusts apart.

I’m buying this again. PERFECT for parties!

As an aside, you may have noticed the overwhelming majority of my reviewed purchases have come from HEB. I generally buy perishables from HEB and non-perishables from Amazon. On those rare occasions that I step into a Walmart, I always swing by the pizza aisle to see what unique goods they stock that cannot be found at HEB. So glad I found this gem.

Purchased at Walmart for $6.98. 32.9 oz, $.21/oz.

Here for your reading pleasure is the very first Mann vs Pizza guest review from Ruben, my house guest this past weekend!

When it comes to oven pizza, normally, I stick to one particular brand and am not that adventurous.  However, after trying Great Value’s Pizzadilla Mexican Style, I realized that I definitely need to get out more when it comes to the realm of oven-style pizza!

I can throw down and hold my own with any pizza just like the next person, but I found myself pleasantly full and satisfied after only two slices from this pizza.  If the name has you hesitant to purchase it, DO IT!  I promise you won’t regret it!

-Ruben C.


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