Vito & Nicks II – Sausage & Mushroom


The “cracker-thin” claim on the box is no lie. This pizza was basically a giant cracker will loads of cheese, mushrooms and sausage heaped on top. It reminded me of grabbing a cracker from a holiday cracker tray, loading it up with various meats and cheese and heating it up for good measure. It was also well-seasoned with a very pepper-like taste.

I hesitantly enjoyed my first few bites (it was good, but something was off) but felt sick after three slices. Pizza Girl did too. We agreed that the cheese was a bit greasy and may have been the cause of both our mildly nauseous feeling and the taste being a little off. Despite my love for pizza, my diet is not heavily greasy and sometimes I cannot handle much of it.

One might be surprised to hear that I do recommend giving it a try if you’re curious. I get the feeling Vito and Nick’s is something many pizza connoisseurs would enjoy. It just didn’t work for me (maybe I’m sick from all the junk food I ate last night) and I don’t plan on purchasing this again.

Purchased at HEB for $9.99. 30.09 oz, $.33/oz.


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