Sam’s Choice – Sriracha Chicken


I love it! Walmart does it again! Perfect level of spicyness, tasty cheese (although I wish it were a little stronger), and just enough of a hint of chicken and pineapple to complement the pizza without overpowering it.

I was shocked that the flavor of pineapple blended in so well. There were only a few chunks of pineapple present. I almost wish there was a little more.

I did not taste the ranch at all. I actually forgot this was a chicken sriracha ranch pizza until I took another look at the box. I decided to dip my last slice in some actual ranch dressing* out of curiosity and can confirm the extra flavoring took the pizza to another level.  I hope this pizza gets tweaked to up the ranch flavoring.

The Chicken Sriracha Ranch pizza also appears to be part of a series of non-traditional Sam’s Choice varieties that I will certainly revisit soon. I saw a Philly Cheese Steak one. Not sure what other interesting combos are out there.

This is an all-around GREAT pizza. I’ll purchase again for myself and maybe for a party. Pizzas like this are what make this blog fun.

Purchased at Walmart for $5.98. 31oz, $.19/oz.

*I should note that I normally do not modify pizzas I’m sampling for the first time.  By modify, I mean adding toppings, dipping in sauces, etc.  I used to take the stance that by doing so, I would taint my reviews.  After all, pretty much any pizza tastes good with ranch in my opinion.  Although my review is of the pizza as it is straight out of the box, I thought this was an appropriate time to try something a little different (adding ranch to a ranch pizza sounded fun) and might start to include such excursions as side notes in future posts.


4 thoughts on “Sam’s Choice – Sriracha Chicken

      1. Just made the pizza and it came out excellent! The ranch was a tame flavor, not overpowering and I loved the spicy buffalo flavor. I kept my counter top oven on 30 minutes preheat for 450 degrees on the lowest rack to get the crust cooked through which many times with thick crust pies poses a challenge. Definitely something different in a good way. I guess I’m a fan now lol.

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    1. I saw your other reply (looks like I cannot reply directly to it). Glad you liked it! I have another pizza from the same line in my freezer. I think it’s a Philly Cheesesteak pizza. I might try that one next.


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