Screamin’ Sicilian – Spicy Clucker

2015-12-20 13.19.37

I had high hopes for this. Not only is Screamin’ Sicilian’s “Holy Pepperoni” variety excellent, but multiple people have asked me about this brand which happens to be one of HEB’s fastest selling pizza brands. I think it’s the eye-catching packaging. I unfortunately didn’t care for the Spicy Clucker. It lived up to the spicy name, but I can say now that pizza is shockingly one of the few things bacon does not improve. I also didn’t like the cheese, and nothing about the chicken stood out (unlike the excellent Dr. Oetker Pizza Pollo). Not necessarily bad, but all around forgettable.

Purchased at HEB for $6.95.  21.85 oz, $.32/oz.


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