Market Pantry – Rising Crust Pepperoni

2016-01-04 01.52.06

Tastes like Digiorno. I consider Digiorno pepperoni pizza to be your average, solid, plain-but-good pepperoni pizza. This is Target’s private label equivalent just like HEB Classic Selections is HEB’s. The Market Pantry and HEB Classic Selections self-rising pepperoni pizzas even weigh exactly the same according to their boxes (28.3 oz), so I suspect they are 100% the same thing but with a different store brand slapped onto the box. Anyway, I like Digiorno, so the comparison is not a bad thing. I’ve been spoiled by all the even better pizzas though so I don’t see myself buying this again.

Purchased for $4.69 at Target.  28.3 oz, $.17/oz.


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