Tombstone – Pepperoni

Original posted 8/28/15

2015-08-29 00.05.27

Probably the most average no-frills pizza you can get. Still pretty good.  Brings back memories of cheap college nights at friends’ apartments.

Purchased at HEB for $3.48.  20.6oz, $.17/oz.  5.5 out of 10.


California Pizza Kitchen – Sicilian

Originally posted 8/13/2015

2015-08-13 CPK SicilianI tried this after my friend Porschia said this was her favorite pizza.  I can see why.  Absolutely delicious and a stark contrast from the disappointment that was the California Pizza Kitchen White pizza.  I’ll have to try this again to give more in-depth thoughts on it.  As of right now, it’s my second favorite pizza behind American Flatread’s Ionian Awakening.

Purchased at HEB for $5.86.  15.5oz, $.38/oz.  10 out of 10!

California Pizza Kitchen – White (Crispy Thin)

Originally post 8/27/15

2015-08-26 22.17.44

Well this sucked.  Most disappointing (results fell far short of expectations) pizza I’ve tried.  Very bland.  Far too much of it was all crust and no toppings (the picture is deceiving, hard to describe), plus the toppings barely had any taste to them.

Purchased at HEB for $5.86.  13.4oz, $.44/oz.  3 out of 10.

Tony’s – Pepperoni

2015-08-19 Tony's Pepperoni

Time for something a little more plain.  Used to eat a lot in college.  First few bites were great, then it dropped down to just decent. The Hill Country Fare brand is better and I think cheaper.  Definitely the cheapest I’ve reviewed so far coming in at $.15/oz.

Purchased at HEB for $2.78.  18.56oz, $.15/oz.  4 out of 10.

American Flatbread – Ionian Awakening

2015-08-01 American FLatbread Ionian Awakening

I tried this on 8/1/2015 and was amazed.  The original review read “Best frozen pizza I’ve ever had.  Also the most expensive.  Reminds me of Grimaldi’s.”  It was the best frozen pizza I’d ever had at the time and remains so to this day about 5 months and 38 days later although a few others have come close.  It is unfortunately expensive ($5.98, 9.3oz, $.64/oz), but still worth it.  I believe the “ion” in “Ionian Awakening” refers to the categorization of salt as an ionic compound due to how salty the pizza is.

Purchased at HEB for $5.98.  9.3oz, $.64/oz.  10 out of 10!

Russo’s – Greek


2015-07-18 Russo's

My original review read “Still good even though I over baked it. I’ll need to try it again and do it right.”

This is the one gluten-free pizza I’ve ever eaten.   I thought I overcooked it because of how overly crisp it seemed.  My boss informed me afterwards that this is what you typically want.  If the crust isn’t crisp, it just doesn’t come out right.  Maybe I did do it right, but I vaguely remember accidentally leaving it in longer than I meant to.  I’ll try at least one of their other varieties and maybe do a gluten-free roundup someday.

Purchased at HEB for $7.99.  13.52oz, $.59/oz.  7 out of 10.  Pretty pricey due to the lack of glutens, but I hear this is common for gluten-free offerings.