Month: March 2017

Central Market HEB – Margherita

2015-10-22 19.45.08Another good one from HEB.  Not much new I can say here.  Very similar to the Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach variety but not quite as good.  The tomatoes, cheese and sauce all packed a ton of flavor.  It came with a small pesto packet, but I prefer the margherita pizza sans pesto.

Purchased at HEB for $4.98.  14.99 oz, $.33/oz.


[Non-Frozen] HEB Made in Store – Pepperoni

This was not a frozen pizza, but it’s worth reviewing anyway as I still consider it competition for actual frozen pizzas.  This is a product HEB made fresh the day I purchased and subsequently baked it.

Excellent pizza.  Reminded me very much of the kind of thin crust pizza you’d find at a typical mom & pop hole in the wall.  Those are some of my favorite pizzas.

The price is right, too; $7.99.  A little more expensive than a typical frozen pizza (as expected since this is made fresh), but proably  cheaper than going out and buying a comparable 12″ pizza (the size of today’s review subject) at a small hole in the wall.  I’ll most likely buy the larger 16″ version and HEB’s store-made 12″ margherita pizza soon.

Purchased at HEB for $7.99.  17.40oz, $.46/oz.

American Flatbread – Pulled Pork, Pineapple & Jalapeno

2017-02-22 20.52.09

Reviewed in a vacuum without influence from the copious quantities of other pizzas I’ve eaten, the American Flatbread “Pulled Pork, Pineapple & Jalapeno” pizza is pretty average. Compared with American Flatbread’s other offerings, it’s disappointing.

I like pulled pork, I like pineapple, I like jalapenos and I love pizza, but they didn’t combine for something special like I hoped. In fact, the pork detracted from the taste of this pizza and that’s what I was most excited about.

The jalapenos were a detractor as wel. Every time I took a bite that included a piece of jalapeno, that’s all I tasted. I like jalapenos as an enhancement, not as the sole flavor.

The pineapple wasn’t a detractor, but it was practically flavorless.

This doesn’t tarnish my view of American Flatbread, but it does bring their hot streak to a close at 3 amazing pizzas out of 4.

Purchased at HEB for $6.98. 12.4oz, $.56/oz.

Bon Appetit – Mozzarella & Pesto

Note – here’s another old one.  I need to work through my backlog.  I have 31(!) unposted reviews with more on the way.2015-10-17-15-18-33

This is the second Bon Appetit pizza I’ve tried. First was the “Spinaci” pizza. I liked that one only the slightest bit more because it turns out I’m a little partial to spinach pizza, but I’ll definitely purchase this one again. The mozzarella packed much flavor; a big reason I loved it. The crust also came out perfect as well as the distribution of ingredients. High quality, well made pizza.

Purchased at HEB for $4.98. 13.27oz, $.38/oz.