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Udi’s Gluten Free – Uncured Pepperoni

2016-05-04 22.04.50.jpg

Probably the best gluten-free frozen pizza I’ve tried so far. Reminds me of Tostino’s, but with that same “this isn’t a flour crust” taste that all gluten-free pizzas have. Like with all other gluten-free pizzas, this isn’t something I’ll come back to since I have no gluten allergies and prefer my pizzas teeming with glutens. It’s worth a shot for those who are curious.

Purchased at HEB for $5.76. 10.1oz, $.57/oz.


Daiya – Mushroom & Roasted Garlic

2016-04-18 15.44.48.jpg

Big surprise.  Miscellaneous ingredient-free food items (gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, etc) are usually pale immitations of the real (or maybe “standard” is the right word) thing.  This pizza holds up just fine.  Not as good as the best non-gluten-free (double-negative, I know) pizzas out there, but as good as you’d expect if you randomly grabbed a pizza off the shelf without checking the brand.

The issue is the price.  I paid $9.38 for a 17oz pie.  That’s $.55/oz, or 66.7% more expensive than the average frozen pizza.  Although not the most expensive brand I’ve tried, the other brands at or above this price range are significantly tastier.

I don’t fault Daiya.  I’ve noticed that gluten-free pizzas are expensive and imagine it has something to do with the ingredients and/or process of making such pizzas being more expensive.  However, the higher than average price tag combined with not higher than average taste means I cannot recommend this to anyone lacking a gluten-allergy.

Purchased at HEB for $9.38.  17oz, $.55/oz.

Russo’s – Greek


2015-07-18 Russo's

My original review read “Still good even though I over baked it. I’ll need to try it again and do it right.”

This is the one gluten-free pizza I’ve ever eaten.   I thought I overcooked it because of how overly crisp it seemed.  My boss informed me afterwards that this is what you typically want.  If the crust isn’t crisp, it just doesn’t come out right.  Maybe I did do it right, but I vaguely remember accidentally leaving it in longer than I meant to.  I’ll try at least one of their other varieties and maybe do a gluten-free roundup someday.

Purchased at HEB for $7.99.  13.52oz, $.59/oz.  7 out of 10.  Pretty pricey due to the lack of glutens, but I hear this is common for gluten-free offerings.